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Attendance/Deans' Office: 24 Hour Attendance Reporting

Attendance/Deans' Office: 24 Hour Attendance Reporting

If you plan to report an absence through email, we will only accept information from email addresses that are listed in Home Access for the parent or guardian of the student who will be absent.  Before emailing us, please make sure to update your Home Access contact information to more easily verify your email address.  

Attendance Office Voicemail Line

(630) 636-2001

Students with Last Names A - L

Students with Last Names M - Z


We will only accept absences reported by email from emails addresses that are listed in PowerSchool for parent or guardian of the student who will be absent. Please make sure to check and update your email addresses in PowerSchool if needed.

Additional Information Required

When prompted by the phone line, please leave the information listed below.  If you use the email option to report the absence, you must use the email address we have on file in Home Access and include ALL of the following information:
  • Student’s first name and last name
  • Student’s ID#
  • Date of Absence.  Please specify if they will be out all day, will arrive late or leave school early.
  • If leaving early, please include their transportation (walk, pick-up, driving, etc)
  • Will the student be returning to school?  If so, please include the time they will return.
  • Reason for the absence
  • Person Calling/Emailing (Parent or Legal Guardian)
  • Contact number for Parent or Legal Guardian
Please note:  Oversleeping and transportation difficulties will not be excused per Illinois State guidelines.  Students leaving school before the normal dismissal time are required to sign out at the Attendance Office.  
Due to the large volume of attendance needs, calls and emails will be addressed in the order that they are received.  In order to ensure that your student’s needs are met, please call or email as early as possible.